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Discover the unique and simple method that sold out my yoga workshops and retreats in over 40+ countries for 5 years straight.
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In this training, Nick shows how he went from earning $800-1,000 a month teaching yoga, then teaching around the world yet struggling to make ends meet, to creating a personality brand around his Yoga teaching through leveraging social media to sell his Yoga events in over 40+ countries.

Nick has established an Online Educational Course (Yoga Marketing Mastery) that empowers Yoga teachers around the globe to take advantage of social media marketing. All by running simple social media ads.

Hundreds of Nick's students have also learned and improved their Yoga career by understanding and implementing the strategies Nick teaches. The best part? Most had no existing marketing experience when they started!

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Unlock the 3 best Yoga Marketing secrets

Yoga Marketing Mastery - Online Course

Created for Yoga teachers by a Yoga teacher. We all want to empower our students, see their progress and support them along there journey yet we need students to get into the door first. How we build a buzzing community of students and community in today's digital age? Learn everything necessary to grow your Yoga business in this step by step online course. You won't want to miss out on the essential tools that they should have taught you in your teacher training for running a successful Yoga business.


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